The fiercest battleground on the blockchain.

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The Planet Ewom

The planet Ewom, a planet  split into two halves. One half of the planet is forever illuminated by the sun, while the other is cloaked in darkness, lit only by its iridescent moon. Ewom’s history would have one remember that there was once a time at which all Ewomians lived in harmony. That was until one group of Ewomians saw fit to banish their fellow Ewomians en masse to the shade, where they have remained for centuries, all for reasons now lost to time.

Those that remained, along with their descendants, live blissfully in the light. They have come to be known as the Taiyo, whilst their eternal enemies, the Kurai fester with resentment in the void to which they were so unjustly banished.


In-game, players will play in a top down 5 vs 5 battle arena environment fighting over various objectives. Gameplay will be balanced, fair, and highly competitive requiring you to rely heavily on your team for success.
Each user will select a weapon that will grant them certain abilities they will use to defeat the enemy in their chosen game mode. These abilities will vary greatly based on the weapon chosen. At launch, we plan to have 4 weapon choices available to everyone with 6 exclusive weapons available only to NFT owners. Although, there will be exclusive weapons only available to NFT owners, gameplay will remain balanced and fair, giving everyone a chance to be competitive.
Gameplay will play similar to that of League of Legends, Smite, or other similar MOBA style games.

Win to Earn

Players will earn our tokens by winning battles in-game.

Balanced Gameplay

We hate pay to win as much as you do. Ewom's Divide is fair and balanced for all players


Ewom's Divide is entirely focused on player vs player combat.


The Ewom’s Divide NFTs will be comprised of 2 collections of 3,500 NFTs. Both collections will be released prior to the launch of the Ewom’s Divide game. The first collection will consist of the Taiyo, while the second collection will be composed entirely of the Kurai.

In-game Perks

Our NFTs will be wielding one of 3 exclusive weapons that with only be playable by NFT owners wielding their respective weapons. Additionally, the attire that your NFT is wearing will be unlocked for you in-game allowing you to dress your character to look like your NFT. Additionally, we plan to add extra game modes only available to NFT owners.

Ewomian Rewards Program


The Ewomian Rewards Program is a rewards program that is designed to reward the most diligent collectors of the Ewom’s Divide NFTs. Each NFT collection will have 3 exclusive weapons. Simply put, to be eligible for the ERP you must own and hold one NFT wielding each of the 3 weapons.

Rewards & Payment

These rewards will be claimable for each wallet address that is eligible for the ERP. Our NFTs will contain a 4% royalty fee on each sale. 2% of that fee will be paid out in ETH to eligible members of our ERP as well as a percentage of interest accrued with project funds.